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8 Student Tips for our First Year Friends!

1. Attend Clubs Week:

Join a club/society, gain new skills and become leaders within the UTM community.

Check out the UTMSU website for the list of student clubs, and academic societies!




2. Research Campus Resources:

Make use of all of the campus resources that are readily available to all UTM students!

Improve your academic skills through the RGSAC: .

If you are an International Student a great first stop in your academic journey at UTM is the International Education Center:


3. Join a Student Transition Program

Check out the wonderful transition programs offered through the Center for Student Engagement: UTM LAUNCH, Eagle Connect, International Student Mentorship Program and of course the UTMAS Anthropology Mentorship Program

LAUNCH: Visit:

Eagle Connect: Visit:

International Student Mentorship Program: Visit:


4. Talk to your Professors

Your professors are there to help you succeed, visit their office hours, and reach out when you have questions!

Take courses that you enjoy and your university experience will become enhanced!

To find the Anthropology Faculty direcetory visit:



5. Create Connections

Make new friends, and be bold. The transition to university from high school can be challenging. You have lots of support to guide you through the process!

Connect with your professors, volunteer and get involved. Find clubs that interest you, and naturally you will make new friends with similar interests.

UTMAS hosts various opportunities throughout the year for students to develop personally, academically and professionally. Stay tuned to our social media for more information!


6. Caring for Well-being

Take a break, it can be easy to become burnt out.

Visit the UTM Health & Counselling Center to see their offered health services available to all students.


Call. Chat. Anytime. Anywhere. My SSP connects students with free, confidential emotional health and wellbeing support conveniently available 24/7 via the app, telephone and web. Visit:


7. Career Development Planning

The UTM Career Center is a must visit, to develop a career plan. Attend their workshops, mock interviews and get tips for landing work-study positions on campus!


Reach out to the UTM Anthropology Department to connect with professors, and staff to chat about career development and pathways in anthropology and research.



8. Be Yourself

You are off to accomplish amazing things, get involved, network and find a balance between your studies, personal life and extra -curriculars. Be the best you!

Goodluck and make the most of your university experience!

For additional information about UTM campus life, visit:

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