Hot Topics in Anthropology: A Mini Lecture Series Featuring: Prof. Andrew Gilbert

Check out the latest session in the series where Prof. Gilbert discusses collaborative ethnography, his research in: Bosnia and Herzegovina , and the use of new methodologies like graphic ethnography within the field of socio-cultural/political anthropology.

Interested in Learning more?

Check out these additional Resources provided by Prof. Gilbert:

An Anthropology of... by Andrew Gilbert (

Care, Publicity, and Worker Politics in Late Industrial Bosnia and Herzegovina · Society for the Anthropology of Work (

How Do We Work Together? Distribution, Political Labor, and Worker Struggles in Bosnia and Herzegovina · ¿Cómo trabajamos juntos? Distribución, trabajo político y luchas obreras en Bosnia-Herzegovina | Distribute 2020 (


Book Suggestions:

"Lissa" Book By: Coleman Nye And Sherine Hamdy

"Light in Dark Times: The Human Search for Meaning" Book by Alisse Waterston

"Paying the Land" Book by Joe Sacco


Get your artwork/papers published to the Young Anthropology Journal | Department of Anthropology ( this is a really great way to have your work from classes published, and can add new experiences to your CV! Check out the website for more information.

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