Hot Topics in Anthropology: A Mini Lecture Series Featuring Prof. Steven Dorland

Check out our latest session where Prof. Dorland shares his academic pathway, and his research, on Childhood pottery, community-based archaeology and working with Indigenous communities throughout Eastern North America. to braid and build intergenerational knowledge.

He also shares his suggestions on ways student can get involved with archaeology (field schools, CRM, museums, volunteer opportunities) See below!

Resources (Work/Volunteer):

Jobs in CRM (MARCH 21 Deadline for Field-Technicians) :

(More to come, as I find them)


FIELD SCHOOL Opportunities:

Field School Opportunities at UTM:

Field School Funding Information:

International Field School Opportunities:

Institute for Field Research:


University of Toronto Faculty Lists/Helpful tip for approaching faculty

(Helpful tip) Reach out to faculty whose research you might be interested in ask them if they have any work-study, volunteer opportunities (in fieldwork, or working with archaeological collections, ROPS, labs etc)

If profs don't email back (try again) or if they say no, don't be discouraged, rejection is redirection, keep trying!!

Here are the links to the faculty websites:

UofT Faculty @ St. George:

UofT Faculty @ UTM:

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