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Weekly Wellness! How to be present in the moment

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

By: Lydia

I know adapting to this virtual space has been very difficult for many. We are here to support you, and guide you to the proper resources you may need! Just know you're not alone in this, and feel free to reach out when you need.

While adapting to this virtual world, being able to stay focused on the task at hand can be very difficult. Sometimes even unmanageable. That is okay, we are not super humans, the pace you need to go, is acceptable! The most important aspect of it, is being able to self-recognition. Take some time, mediate, accept your daily accomplishments, write goals and express gratitude.

If its any form of advice I can offer it is: is learn how to manage your time, try and use agendas, online calendars ie. mark down important dates. Reach out to other students and professors, on tips about how to best allocate time for a course.

If you can get assignments done ahead of time try and do it. The feeling of cramming an assignment at the last minute is overwhelming, and stressful. Write in sections, and overall just space out your workload, so you are able to accomplish more without the added stress.

Never stop trying to challenge yourself to new opportunities. You are capable, and you are strong. There are lots of resources to help you in this journey!

Within the day, take time for yourselves, to reflect on what was special about your day, and the things you might be grateful for.

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